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Farmia is a website specialized in livestock-animal trading.


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Find the best livestock from thousands of farmers all around the US and Canada.

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Discover the best livestock for sale near you

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Discover how to buy and sell livestock with confidence.

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Stop losing money and time, and start trading in a more efficient, cost-effective and secure way.

Our Success Stories

Thousands of farmers and buyers increased profitability with Farmia.

Steven Johnson

It took so much time to find the best quality heifers. I attended many cattle auctions in my surrounding, but I found four exceptional heifers here.

Scott Williams

I used to travel a long distance to find the best horses for sale. At Farmia, I bought six beautiful Arabian horses for my riding school. It saved me ton of time and nerves!

Jacob Morris

I wanted to start a dairy farm, with grass-fed cattle only. Farmia was excellent first step. I found out everything I needed to know and bought my first jersey herd!

Catherine Lewis

I wanted to buy healthy pasture-raised sheep for my new farm. I thought it would be a challenge to find them, but buying sheep online was pretty simple!

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